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Position Statement


If elected to our Curry County Board of Commissioners, I pledge to support efforts to:
1. Differentiate between the “lawless” and “homeless” populations within Curry County and advocate this difference through the office of BOC in tandem with the other Commissioners and community leaders.

2. Educate and reinforce within our local community that lawless behavior refers to a state of disorder or lack of adherence to established laws and regulations. Lawless behavior includes actions that violate legal norms, statutes, laws, regulations and can be manifest as criminal activities, civil disobedience, or disregard and distain for social order. The perpetrators of lawless behavior can exhibit a persistent capacity to both hurt those around them and themselves.

3. Widely promote through the office of BOC that homelessness points to the lack of stable, safe, affordable, and permanent residence for vulnerable community members It can include individuals, families, or groups (i.e.: Veterans) who do not have a place to live. The homeless often dwell in temporary shelters, on the streets, or in substandard housing.

4. Since lawless behavior in our communities is many times manifest during periods of social unrest, political instability, economic failures, lack of both education and self-awareness, a social firestorm ignites when a community is also constrained with weak law enforcement. Therefore, I pledge to make our community safer by funding our local
law enforcement (Sheriff and Local Police) to combat lawlessness in Curry County.

5. On behalf of our homeless community, broadly communicate the basic need for suitable housing for all socio-economic groups within our County. As well, advocate for supportive physical and mental health resources essential for so many of our homeless friends, family members and County residents. And serve as an activist in developing
employment and social welfare programs for our vulnerable neighbors.



If elected to our Curry County Board of Commissioners, I pledge to build and execute a stronger economic development business plan:

My political platform prioritizes the enhancement of tourism, marketing and advertising, plus improved community development. We believe that investing in these areas will not only boost the economy but also create a more vibrant and thriving community.

To improve tourism, we propose focusing on promoting the unique attractions and cultural offerings of our region. By implementing targeted marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships, we can attract more visitors and increase revenue for local businesses. Improvements and developments in our county’s event gathering areas, such as the Curry County Fairgrounds and waterfront Ports, through strategic planning and investing in new development along with creative marketing and advertising can be center stage for attracting more events and increasing the tourism focus in our county.

In addition, we recognize the importance of effective marketing and advertising in showcasing the best of our county. I plan to support small businesses, local entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations by providing resources and assistance in promoting their products and services to a wider audience. An example of what we can do is create an intuitive online resource center following the lead of other successful Oregon communities.

Furthermore, I am committed to investing in community development initiatives that will enhance the overall quality of life for our residents. This includes revitalizing public spaces, supporting affordable housing initiatives, and promoting sustainable development practices. An example of this work would be recognizing the endless efforts and support in community improvement and development by the wonderful folks that operate the non-profit organization, Gold Beach Main Street. Please check out their website to learn more about this amazing organization,

Engaging with local businesses is essential for fostering a strong and collaborative community. We will prioritize partnerships with local businesses to amplify our marketing and advertising efforts while supporting the growth of small enterprises.

My approach will involve:

1. Collaboration Opportunities: We will seek opportunities to collaborate with local businesses, organizations and non-profits, showcasing their products, services, and unique offerings through our marketing initiatives. This will not only provide exposure for the businesses but also contribute to the overall appeal of our community.

2. Co-Marketing Campaigns: Implementing co-marketing campaigns with local businesses will

allow us to combine resources and reach a broader audience. By pooling efforts, we can create impactful promotional activities that benefit both the community and the participating businesses.

3. Resource Support: We are committed to providing resources and guidance to local businesses to enhance their digital marketing capabilities. This includes workshops, training sessions, and access to digital marketing tools to help them engage with a wider audience and thrive in the digital landscape.

Through these initiatives, we can aim to build a supportive environment where local businesses can flourish, contribute to the county’s vibrancy, and collectively elevate the marketing and advertising efforts of our region.

In conclusion, by prioritizing these areas, we aim to create a more inclusive, dynamic, and prosperous community for all. Together, we can build a stronger and more vibrant future for our region.


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